Long Island Orienteering Club

General information 

We have 3 meets in the spring and 3 in the fall (see below)

Registration: 10:30 AM until 1 PM /  Courses close at 3:30

Meet Fees:  $15 non members / $5 members

Annual Dues:  $15 electronic newsletter / $20 paper newsletter 

Children under 7 are free but must be accompanied by their guardians

CONTACT: Glen Malings / gmalings@gmail.com or John Pekarik / ja171@aol.com 

GROUPS: Let us know if you're bringing a group so we can have enough maps and download waivers to save time at registration. 

Photos from previous events, upcoming notifications and updates on Facebook

Membership: $15 Annually.  Email Glen your info, including email, and...

What is Orienteering?  It's like a treasure hunt in the woods using a map to find controls (box shaped flags hanging from trees).  We usually have 3 courses: White/easy ~2 miles all controls on trails, Yellow/medium ~3 miles controls can be seen from trail, and Orange-Blue/hard ~4-5 miles with all controls hidden in the woods.  You can compete as an individual or a team (usually 2-3 people).  For more info, see our Fact Sheet or email Glen (gmalings@gmail.com).

Want more?  Click on the video below.

Orienteering improves brain function as well as physical fitness!
Check out this interview with "the brain doctor", David Raichlin, where he mentions Orienteering at 16:10-18:45 of the podcast.

Training Sessions 

Glen will be running "Advanced Skills Training sessions" at 9:30am (please arrive by 9:15) before each meet to practice skills for difficult controls such as deciding on an "attack point," pace count & compass reading, collecting features, aiming off, and contouring.  Please contact him at gmalings@gmail.com or text 516-477-0852 to sign up.

Upcoming Events

Sunday 4/21/24 at Caumsett, National Ranking Event (this is a big deal - the first ever on Long Island) organized jointly by the Hudson Valley Orienteering Club & LIOC

Competitive courses (White - Red) require pre-registration at https://eventreg.orienteeringusa.org/ 

Recreational courses can register on that day, but pre-registration is encouraged.

There is a DIY "model course" at Muttontown available until Saturday 4/27.

See https://www.hvorienteering.com/caumsett-2024 for more details

Sunday 5/19/24 at Sunken Meadow, (White, Yellow, Orange, & Green) courses to be set by Chris.

Saturday 6/22/24 at Stillwell, courses to be set by Misha and Thomas

Recent Events

Saturday, Nov 11, 2023


Courses: white, 1hr Score-O, 2hrs Score-O


October 15, 2023



September 24, 2023

Nissequogue River State Park

Courses: white, yellow, & orange   

June 10, 2023


Courses: White, 1-hour, 2-hour, & 3-hour Score-Os


May 7, 2023


Courses: white, yellow, orange and green  

April 15, 2023


Courses: white, yellow, orange and green        


Permanent courses

Due to COVID-19 we are introducing permanent courses. 

Disclaimer:  Orienteering may involve risk to both persons and property. Always exercise common sense and cation. In no way shall Long Island Orienteering Club, nor any volunteer be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, or consequential damages arising out of, or in any way connected with the use of this website or use of the information contained within.  Permanent courses are suggested routes at your leisure time, they are not organized events.