Stillwell Woods

Yellow course

4 km, 14 controls

Posted by Glen Mailings, 4/20/20

Printable course maps:

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  • JPG (without clue sheet)

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1. Trail Junction2. Abandoned car3. Bamboo grove4. Gate5. Abandoned car6. Bench7. Fallen tree8. Bridge9. Hilltop yoga retreat10. Hilltop11. Trail junction12. Trail junction13. Trail junction14. Field

Start and finish

1 - Trail Junction. Imagine riding up and over this?

2 - Abandoned car. What year, make, and model is this?

3 - Bamboo Grove. Talk about invasive...

4 - Gate to keep mountain bikers off hiking trail

5 - Abandoned car. Anyone know the year, make, & model?

6 - Bench. For resting...

7 - Fallen trees. For resting...

8 - Bridge. Culvert keeps the water from forming a large pond, which attracts mosquitoes...

8 - Misha's Hilltop Yoga retreat

10 - Hilltop (there is also a geocache here)

11 - Trail junction. Bikers left, hikers right.

12 - Trail junction (left turn)

13 - Trail junction (mountain bike signs for easy and harder courses)

14 - RC Glider field. Look for the groundhogs.